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Website for those who sell or breed horses

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Nicely packaged and easy to use

Easy Stable is a tailored website platform for the horse industry where you present your business, which services or products you offer, and which horses you have for sale or breeding. Everything in one place.

Yours horse ads directly on your website*

Easy Stable is connected to the buy&sell site Hä, which means that all horse ads you create on Hästlycka are published on your own website.
*You need a premium account with Hästlycka. Read more


This is what our customers say

“Since I make a living from my horses, this was a no-brainer. Now when I share my ads on Facebook, they appear on my website where I offer more than just horses. A big plus for the price as the product is both easy to use and stylish"

Philip Switzer

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